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Dreaming for Piano Solo

生きて。。。for Alto Saxophone & Piano

Fading Twilight for Chromonica & Piano

Your Voice for Piano Solo

List of Works


Lens for Bassoon Solo

To Mr. Christoph Wichert - Written for YST Expert Interpreter 2022

Alternate for Sextet (Xiao/Dizi, Pipa, Erhu, Violin, Viola & Violoncello)

Normal for Solo Percussionist on 5 Chinese Tamtams (2022 Revision)

Written for Virtual Manila Composers' Lab 2020 for Mr. Max Riefer & revised for Working Together with Max Riefer & Lubeck New Music Ensemble Concert @ Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre 2022.

無人 Mujin for Oboe, Percussionist & String Quintet

Written for Jalur Kita Cerita Kita collaboration project with YST Chamber Ensemble & Ensemble Virama, inspiration drawn from Teochew Puppet Opera.

Huminodun, Trio on a Kadazandusun Tale for Clarinet, Euphonium & Bass Trombone

Written for The Rondo Production's inaugural Musical Exchange Programme 2021-22.


生きて…? for Alto Saxophone & Piano

Written for Malaysian Young Composers' Workshop 2021 for Ms. Scarlet Gouk & Dr. Poom Prommachart and premiered as part of SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2021.

Current for Chinese Quintet Ensemble (Erhu, Sheng, Yangqin, Guzheng & Zhongruan)

Commissioned by SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2021.

Concertino for 12-hole Chromatic Harmonica & Chamber Orchestra

1st Prize-Winning Piece for Chromatic Harmonica & Orchestra Category of the International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica (ICCCH) 2021.1s1s

corru[P]tion for Electronics (OpenMusic) & Piano

A Song of Regret for Baritone & Piano

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